Walking on sunshine

People talk about seasonal affective disorder and how the dark, cold winter months can get people down. On beautiful sunny days like today, I’m inclined to think it’s human nature to be affected by the weather and the seasons, though perhaps some of us are more influenced by it than others. I always long for that first really bright day of spring when you feel your spirits lift. The proverbial “grand stretch in the evenings” that we Irish discuss with great frequency when the days are noticeably brighter and longer.

It was so lovely to get out for a walk in the sunshine today, however brief it may prove to be. There was a wonderful atmosphere that only comes from a lazy sunny afternoon. It was strangely quiet around where I live. People were out enjoying the sunshine but it was a peaceful and contented enjoyment and it was as if everyone was savouring the moment.

I’ve never really thought about the reason for it but the song Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves has long been my ‘happy song.’ I hear it and feel energised and upbeat, a response similar to my reaction to a sunny day. Perhaps this isn’t a coincidence. Music is another example of something that can alter our mood. The songs we love can cheer us up, while the power of association can make other songs poignant or even painful.

It’s funny how humans work. Our moods can be lingering or fleeting, building slowly or changing on a whim. And the smallest thing – the weather, a song or who knows what – can make or break our emotional wellbeing for the day.

Take care of yourselves. Get out and enjoy the sunshine when you can. Listen to that great tune, the one you haven’t heard in ages, that puts a smile on your face. These little things are the building blocks of happiness.